Friday, August 21, 2009

***Admit one ***

We had a really fun American Idol standards night with Neosho ward Wednesday.
It was really fun and very well done. They had a realistic panel of judges, lights and even music.
The contestants talent was their standard. Kevin was kind and looked for any opportunity to serve and do good deeds. There was also Taylor questionable flicks Hicks, who was booed off the stage for his soft view on rated R and PG 13 movies. There were 10 contestants some good and a couple not so good.
We had posters to cheer for Kevin and the movie thing really stuck with me.

It got me thinking and I had a little fun with it tonight.
The smell of pop corn filled the air and the kids were so ready for what ever I planned. I called them all out in the hall and gave them printed movie tickets and allowed them into the living room.
I told them that the movie we were about to watch was rated R, it had violence, lots of bad language and some nakedness, everyone ready? They looked at me in disbelief!
Brooklyn got up and said I am not watching that and left the room.
I called her back and told her good choice and rewarded her with a choice of candy.
The others quickly followed Brooklyn's example and left making and even bigger protest at the idea of an inappropriate movie. They were all rewarded.
I thanked them for making the right choice and told them that we wouldn't miss lead them but that no matter who it was who had a stupid idea, it was still a stupid idea and they had a right and responsibility to make the choice for them selves.
Then we enjoyed Race to Witch Mountain. I hope that they remember that every choice is theirs to make and not to follow the crowd.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Joseph got his baseball certificate and two medals, one from the league and the other from his coaches. He missed the BBQ because of a visit, he was unable to get his mom to take him, but we got it for him and I can't wait to give them to him.
He has a whole wall for baseball.
They missed him and can't wait for next season.
Way to go Joseph.

Friday, August 14, 2009

The new Grand baby has arrived

We got a new grand daughter. Onyx Rayn Morgan was born July 17th.
She weighed 8lbs. 12 oz. and was 21 inches long.
Grand parents came to adore the sweet bundle too.
As you can see she was born with lots of hair.
So if you see bald babies, you know who got it all. =)

Day Camp Rocks!

I am the Scout leader for our Bears and Wolves. We had Cub Day camp last week.
Three days from 9-5! There were activities all day and everyone had lots of fun.
10 out of 11 of my den were there and then we also had my three little ones and two
more little brothers go to the tag a long and tots part. They got to do BB guns and artery and swim every day. The last day the fire department came out the last day and they got to check out the trucks and then get hosed off. It was the high light of the day. We had fun and learned a lot. I love Scouts!

4th of July fun

We had lots of fun with the family on the 4th of July.
Visited with a long lost cousin, we miss James already.
The kids had the most fun with the water and the adults got
to just relaxed.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Loving Baseball!

The end of the regular season has come and it is on to the tournament.
The boys both played today at the same time in different cities.
So, Scott took off work early and took James to his game and I took Joseph to his game. We kept in touch by cell phone to find out how the other one was doing.
We were on the phone when James scored. It was awesome!
James team won 11-3 he made two of those runs.
Joseph came in but the point was taken away because when his team mate hit the ball he tossed the bat and it hit the catcher. The catcher was ok and the hitter came out and apologized. The coach had the whole team come out of the dug out to take a knee for the catcher. I thought that was a very nice gesture on the coaches part and a very good example for the boys.
Play of the game, bases were loaded and one of the boys hit a home run! Incredible!!!
Joseph and his team won 5-3.
Way to go boys!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Lunch with Grandpa

Today will be a rough day. We will go to church and Dad won't be there.
I thought about this and cried again. I looked at our youngest sleeping so peacefully and saw that she had gathered a collection of her favorite things to keep beside her as she slept. A small pocket Bible given to her from Nursery, some bracelets, a note book, a baby doll and a picture of her grandpa on top of it all.
He had the strongest bond with everyone he came in contact with no matter what age they were. Dad and Haylee had lunch together on Monday. What a precious memory that is for us. Mom made him a spinach tortilla. She told Haylee and I that he liked the plain ones better. Haylee watched closely while mom put the beans, lettuce, and cheese on top. When Dad came in to eat Haylee asked him if he liked the tortilla he laughed and said not really, then she asked him if he liked the stuff on top and said yes. Then she decided to eat hers. I will put that in a journal for her.